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About Us

Dominion Universal Products is a company That strives to bring Innovation and Convenience to its customers. established by two childhood friends with the idea that we could work smarter and not harder. We knew that with our skill and determination we could enter the market with a bang.  We strive NOT only to bring our customers top quality products. but also to have a thriving business that will  make our friends and family proud.


(Q)Who is Dominion?
(A)We are a new business focused on bringing intelligence and innovation to peoples daily lives.

(Q)Should i shop Dominion?

(Q)How do i show my support?
(A)Subscribe to our newsletters and stay on the lookout for new products!

(Q)Is Dominion safe?
(A)Yes, we are a real website, 100% Legit, if you order YOU WILL receive your purchase.

(Q)How do i buy?
(A)Browse Through our categories menu in the top left, or look on our homepage for featured products!

(Q)Who is behind Dominion?
(A)We are two childhood friends who started with nothing, we want to show everyone that despite our flaws and setbacks we will rise to the top through hard work and willpower!

Disclaimer: Majority of our products ship World-Wide which may increase some shipping times